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Ironman Arizona

Sarah at Ironman AZ

Sarah Reinertsen, crosses the finish line at Ironman Arizona 11/2012

Crossing an Ironman finish line is a magical feeling.  I suppose it just feels good to stop moving after 140-miles of racing, but crossing an Ironman finish line is one of the greatest in sport.  I finished my first Ironman triathlon several years ago in Hawaii, and I was honored to make history as the first woman on a prosthetic to finish the Ironman World Championships.  Since then, people have always asked me, “Have you done another Ironman?”  And I used to say, “No, not yet.”  I had always planned  to race in another 140.6-mile triathlon, but the truth is I was busy doing other races and life events.  Finally, in the fall of 2012, I made my return to the Ironman start line.  I signed up for the Ironman Arizona, and vowed to hear those words from Mike Reilly again, “Sarah Reinertsen, you are an Ironman!”   I finished my 2nd Ironman on a cool November night in Tempe, Arizona and I’m very grateful to my entire team for their help and support along the way.  A big, heartfelt thanks to  my coach, Muddy Waters, and all my family and friends who came to AZ to watch me race (for hours!).  A JOURNEY OF 140.6-MILES BEGINS WITH A SINGLE HOP!

Refuel/Got Chocolate Milk?

For years, lowfat chocolate milk has been a vital part of my post-workout/post-race regimen due to its unique blend of protein and carbs. But I never imagined that I would have the opportunity to stand alongside elite athletes like Carmelo Anthony, Apolo Ohno, Dara Torres, Mirinda Carfrae and Chris Lieto as a member of Team Refuel | Got Chocolate Milk? What an incredible honor!

Check out my Refuel “Team Captain” page to see my new print ad (that is currently running in a variety of fitness and endurance sports publications nationally), my “Training Day” video, and behind the scenes images from both shoots.

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